Don Williams

Don Williams

179 North Road
Deerfield, NH 03037


Click the icon below to see and purchase works on my Etsy page.

My website also contains a large selection of works. If you are interested in pieces that are on the website but not on Etsy contact me by phone or email.

I welcome visitors to my studio by appointment.

My time in the studio alternates between doing functional work and sculpture, at times blurring the distinction between the two. 

Making utilitarian objects and using them is a grounding experience. Meals are enhanced with handmade plates and cups, especially when one knows the maker. Creating these kinds of objects connect me to the earth, because of the material and process, and to the people who use them. 

Creating sculpture and wall pieces stems from a need to express ideas beyond the parameters of function. Imagery in these works is rooted in landscape and architecture. It occupies the ground where the natural and man-made worlds collide, speaking to the complexities and tension inherent there. These works are sometimes fragments or artifacts. they reference places and objects, remembered or imagined. They have a history, have born witness to forces of change, and the passage of time.