Gail Wilson

Gail Wilson

“I get lost in the detail when I am painting.  And oftentimes, when I sit back to look at what I’ve done, I am pleasantly surprised with the overall picture.”  

52 Haynes Road
Deerfield, NH 03037 


Email to make an appointment to view artwork in person.  (Face mask required.) 
Curb-side pick-up available.  (Face mask required.) 

Gail has drawn and painted all her life.  Watercolor and acrylic are her mediums of choice and she specializes in life-like images of animals, landscapes, still life, and structures–although she has done a few portraits as well.   Gail lives in Deerfieldwith her husband but enjoys traveling and seeing new sites–and new ideas for paintings.  Gail says that now that her son and daughter are grown and on their own, when she is not babysitting her precious granddaughter, she is finding more time to dedicate to painting.   If you would like to commission Gail to do a painting of your beloved pet, a favorite landscape, your homestead, or any subject matter, or if you would like to purchase one of her already-completed paintings posted on her Web site:, just email her at paintingsbygailewilson[at]   

“With regard to the detail and life-like quality of my paintings, I simply paint what I see…Maybe I am just able to see more in the subject matter than others are able to.”