Joan Comrie

Joan Comrie

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73 South Road
Deerfield, NH 03037
, Site #4

My work will be displayed at the studio of Melissa Hicks during the Arts Tour on October 14 & 15 Saturday and Sunday 10-4. 

Bathroom available: Yes
Wheelchair accessible: No

As a young person, I went to Mass. College of Art and studied fine art. I’ve always had a heart for art, but being a wife and mother of 9 I have not always had the time for it. We have had a great and challenging time raising our kids and I feel it has enriched me and added so much color to my life. So many times during my journey God has met me and brought me peace through the daily struggles and even the heart wrenching trials. I wish to express this joy and hope through my artwork. I am presently enjoying fiber art or “Fiber Painting.” During the Pandemic of 2020, we all struggled with our reality and the hard things going on. During that time I again picked up my art as a place to speak my heart of knowing God’s promises are true and he has not deserted us. We have had a small homestead farm with sheep, goats, and chickens. The sheep wool seemed an interesting by-product and I needed something creative to do. So, my daughter and I cleaned and dyed some wool and I began making pictures with it. This also started a new endeavor of teaching others, which has been another creative, fun outlet. I am teaching needle felting and art to groups at my home or gatherings in other locations. I also teach art lessons to children and run a small “Art on the farm” camp.