Lori Shepard

Lori Shepard

Video cover photo by Tanya Shepard.

58 Middle Rd.  
Deerfield, NH

home: 603- 463-7473  mobile: 603- 568-5825

Studio visits available by appointment,  masks and social distancing required.

My name is Lori Shepard and I am proud to be part of this wonderful group of artists!

Currently, my main focus as a photographer is the power of Mother Nature that inspires me daily and keeps me connected to the earth in a profound way. Photography encourages me to never take our natural world for granted and my hope is that I can inspire others to appreciate nature and to be constant, vigilant stewards of our planet.

My history of always having a camera to record what I see dates way back. I was lucky enough, thanks to my parents, to have my own darkroom in our garage where I spent countless hours absorbed in the fascination of developing my own prints. That was way before digital photography became commonplace.

When I was in high school, I used to roam the streets of San Francisco and take black and white pictures of activity and people in the streets. I was especially intrigued by reflections in store windows which I think eventually led to my fascination with finding reflections in nature now. One of my favorite places to go was the infamous flea market in Sausalito which is unfortunately now long gone. I loved wandering around all the second hand treasures and seeing what caught my eye there. I still have a love for documentary photography to this day.

I am known for my deep love of sunflowers. I have produced seven sunflower calendars to date, each one portraying the magnificent stages and personalities of this joyful and diverse flower. Conveying what inspires me is always a challenge but I think if you photograph what you love and ultimately share that with others, that comes through the lens.

I offer a variety of photo cards, matted prints and fun 5×7 magnetic puzzles for sale.