Melissa Hicks

Melissa Hicks

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73 South Road
Deerfield, NH 03037
, Site #4

Bathroom available: Yes
Wheelchair accessible: No

“Painting is a continual process of growth, in my experience; as gradual and sure as the Spiritual growth in Christ as a Child of God.  It is an ever-changing opening of the eyes to seeing the beauty of what God has created and applying it to a canvas that motivates me to spend the time doing what I love to do. 

The Process:

Growing up in Downeast Maine had its share of challenges, but none of them kept me from appreciating the changing features unique to that area. Things that were just part of what we did and how we lived are all paintings in my mind waiting to be captured on canvas. Not having the artistic skills to make that a reality at the time, the scenes of the Maine coastline, lobster fishing industry, blueberry preparation and harvest, hunting, fishing, land surveying with my Father, logging, pheasant hunting, and snowmobiling are all material I will go back to for inspiration someday.

While I began working with oils in college, graduating with a Bachelors in Art Education from the University of Maine in Orono, work and home life of raising a family became my priority.  The artistic endeavors revolved around home decoration, children’s room/ nursery murals and working with acrylic paint in much of my early years simply because of the short drying time of the paint and demand of the job.


Next came logo painting and murals for local businesses, Day care center, athletic centers, and church.  Sets for events, Vacation Bible schools, and charity fund raiser furniture painting allowed for my skills to evolve and continue to grow in the busyness and joy of homeschooling our six children.  As time allowed and photos resources of family, scenic sights, and life accumulated, my passion for returning to oil painting returned.


With the added stage of life not only as a mother to six but as a grandmother, with two daughters who are photographers for resources, there are too many paintings to do and not enough space in my house for them.  My joy is found in painting real life happening; whether that is wildlife, people working or playing in nature, or portraits that capture a person’s unique God given personality. My joy is creating commissioned pieces of real life from those who want their memories brought to life through art. 

Future- Your custom-designed painting,  Opportunities to paint something special for you and your loved ones. Will do live wedding paintings.