Mike Driscoll

Mike Driscoll

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96 Griffin Road
Deerfield, NH 03037, Site #5
603-463-7707 (home)
603-724-1106 (mobile)

The Mike Driscoll Studio will be open during the Arts Tour Event, October 14 and 15.  We may require masks and social distancing to visit our studio. Free Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at the door.

If you enjoy the Fall visit, keep in mind we will also be open by appointment (or chance) right up through Christmas and well into the New Year. We would love to see you!
We appreciate your support of the arts.

Bathroom available: For emergencies only
Wheelchair accessible: With help

I don’t usually wait for inspiration to move me.  

I have been doing this long enough to know that it’s all about putting my butt in a chair and getting to work. 

I paint or draw nearly every day even when I don’t want to. 

That being said, at other times inspiration stalks me and won’t let me rest until I at least try. 

Often I fail and that’s ok. Then I’m off to create something else. 

That something else does not have to be a watercolor landscape. 

I can scratch the creative itch by fashioning a sculpted beast, wrestling some stones into a wall or the simple act of properly stacking firewood.